Stories by John Fontana

Open source and virtualization: Perfect match?

Virtualization is a hot data center technology that is capturing the attention of IT for its consolidation and cost saving potential. As was evidenced at the LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco last week, open source and Linux platforms are on the forefront of the trend. In fact, given licensing issues with proprietary software, the combination of inexpensive or free open-source software and virtualization platforms may be the most important vehicle to drive widespread Linux adoption in the data center. Here are seven need-to-know points when looking at open source virtualization technology.

Vista desktop management software on tap

SDM Software next week will ship a Web-based interface for Microsoft's group-policy feature to ease the desktop management and maintenance of Vista and other Windows operating systems.

Office 2007 winning converts, survey says

Microsoft's Office 2007 is seeing strong adoption by corporate users that will only pick up steam over the next 12 months, according to a Forrester Research survey released Tuesday.