Stories by Paul Krill

Google CEO prefers an independent Yahoo

Google believes an independent Yahoo is better for the marketplace than one that becomes part of Microsoft, Google Chairman/CEO Eric Schmidt said on Wednesday.

Microsoft ALM process templates site set up

Microsoft wants developers using the company's Team Foundation Server ALM (application lifecycle management) server to share process templates via a new project on the company's CodePlex site for open-source projects.

Serena heralds 'rich interface mashups'

As part of its planned hosted mashup service, Serena Software in August plans to highlight an upgrade to the Serena Mashup Composer tool that integrates Silverlight and Flash components as well as other media types.

Sun bolsters SOA software with data management

Sun Microsystems is updating its SOA and business integration software, adding a data management option and leveraging enterprise service bus capabilities based around the JBI (Java Business Integration) specification. Event processing and business process management are featured as well.

Developers give Google mixed reviews

If the buzz among attendees of last week's Google I/O conference in San Francisco revealed a common thread, it was that the search giant's ongoing push for developer mindshare remains intriguing, though rife with questions and concerns.

The shrinking Java tools market

The Java tools market is in flux, with the recent acquisitions of CodeGear and BEA Systems altering the landscape, leaving developers with fewer independent tools choices.

Google shows off Android capabilities

Google's eye-catching demonstration of an early Android-enabled mobile phone Wednesday appeared to mimic Apple's iPhone. But Google officials downplayed the notion that they will face off against iPhone in the handset market.

Adobe offering tool betas

Adobe Systems released Tuesday public beta versions of upcoming upgrades to the company's Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth tools.

Google sets pricing for app hosting service

Google is announcing pricing for its App Engine service for Web application hosting Wednesday, maintaining a free tier, then charging for storage of more than 500MB of data.

Ruby on Rails upgrade eyed

Ruby on Rails 2.1, a planned upgrade to the popular open-source Web framework, could be released as soon as this weekend, the creator of the framework, David Heinemeier Hansson, said on Tuesday.

Codie awards go to Red Hat, Adobe,

Winners of this year's Codie awards, given by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIAA) Tuesday evening, include some familiar names in software as well as some lesser known and new companies.

Open-source code examined

In its "Scan Report on Open Source Software 2008," Coverity analyzed more than 55 million lines of code on a recurring basis from more than 250 open source projects. Detailed Tuesday, the project utilized the Coverity Prevent static source code analyzer and was done during a two-year period. Some of the projects analyzed included the Apache Web server, Linux, Firefox, and the Samba file and printer sharing system. Scripting languages such as PHP and Ruby were examined as well.