Stories by Jon Brodkin

Networking veteran launches unique auction site

The quest to find a good price on a high-definition television can be a frustrating and confusing experience. For most people, the process concludes with the purchase of a brand-new TV set. For Mukesh Chatter, that was just the beginning.

APC teams up with IBM on efficiency

Backup-power product maker APC and building automation vendor TAC will integrate their software management platforms with IBM's Tivoli Monitoring energy management tools, giving data center managers more visibility into and control over their systems, the company said Friday.

What VMware has bought since 2005

VMware boosted its application performance management capabilities and gained R&D facilities in Israel Wednesday with the acquisition of B-hive. VMware, which is owned by EMC but run as an independent company, has made nine acquisitions over the past three years aimed at improving the security, management and services tied to its virtualization offerings. Here's a quick look at each purchase:

HP blade server targets cloud computing

HP released a new ProLiant blade enclosure Wednesday with higher server densities designed for cloud computing and other computing-intensive applications.

Customers frustrated over Microsoft virtualization licensing

For all the flexibility server virtualization affords today's IT departments, there's one type of flexibility IT managers would love to have but aren't likely to get: the ability to save money on Microsoft software licenses. Even when carving a physical server into multiple virtual machines, customers using virtualization probably won't find any way to circumvent the licensing terms set by Microsoft for software running on virtual machines, Forrester analyst Christopher Voce said at Forrester's IT Forum last week.