Stories by Jon Brodkin

EMC predicts lower flash storage prices within a few years

EMC executives predict flash storage technology will be nearly as inexpensive as high-end disk drives within two years. Most disk drives will continue to offer lower prices than flash, though, ensuring a long life for disk technology, it said.

SQL injection attack in 'third wave,' says IBM

A SQL injection attack that has affected at least a half-million Web sites has entered a "third wave" that's more resistant than previous versions to traditional security measures, according to IBM security researchers.

Water-cooled servers gaining steam

When the University of Illinois' National Center for Supercomputing Applications set out to build a machine with more than 200,000 server cores, the key wasn't simply shelling out cash for newer, faster silicon chips. The trick was harnessing the power of a substance that comes right out of your kitchen sink: water.

Startup adds standard PCs to storage pools

A storage virtualization start-up that takes standard PCs and adds their disk space to a virtual storage-pool is in beta mode and planning a product release in the third quarter.

INTEROP - Virtual server sprawl highlights security concerns

Think server sprawl is bad now? Just wait till you experience virtual server sprawl. When users can clone a virtual machine with the click of a mouse, or save versions of applications and operating systems for later use, you're asking for trouble if IT doesn't maintain tight control, virtualisation management vendor, Embotics, warned in a session at Interop Las Vegas Tuesday.

Mobile app development moves beyond CRM, but slowly

Everywhere you go these days, people are using BlackBerries to check e-mail and set up appointments. But the march toward everyday use of more complex business applications on smartphones is going slowly at best.

Salesforce CEO touts Internet development model CEO Marc Benioff swung through Boston Tuesday to tout his company's "platform-as-a-service" model, which lets developers create and deliver business applications over the Web without installing any software.

Dell ships first fruit of EqualLogic buy

Dell announced global delivery of the first products resulting from its acquisition of EqualLogic Monday, with the release of Dell EqualLogic PS5000 Series storage-area network arrays.