Stories by Rafael Ruffolo

Is virtualization adoption recession-proof?

Despite declining IT operating budgets, virtualization adoption will dramatically accelerate and continue to top the priority list CIOs in 2009, says VMware's Canadian country manager Grant Aitken. But despite the virtualization giant's rosy forecast, industry observers remain much more cautious.

Virtual servers not always safe

Many IT administrators out there th that deploying virtual servers will make their VMs bulletproof to security vulnerabilities and malicious attacks. But according to virtualization security experts like Edward L. Haletky, IT managers will be surprised to learn at how much more they can to do protect their virtual infrastructure.

Virtualization for newbies

Virtualization may seem like a simple bolt-on technology for early adopters, but it will lead to a revolution in your infrastructure architecture, according to a Forrester Research analyst. But, of course, that's only if you know what you're doing.

Geeks on the Way pour SugarCRM into Asterisk

Calgary-based Geeks on the Way, an IT support provider for residents and small offices, has integrated its open source customer relationship management (CRM) system with its call centre to service its client base across Western Canada.