Stories by Ann Bednarz

Riverbed looks to speed cloud applications, storage

Riverbed Technology has a plan to help companies accelerate access to applications and storage resources that are located in a cloud computing environment and delivered over the Internet to private data centers, distributed branch offices and mobile end users.

Intel CEO Otellini gets US$12.4 million in '08

Intel president and CEO Paul Otellini was awarded a compensation package valued at US$12.4 million in 2008, according to documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Bold 2009 prophesies

There's no shortage of forecasts for the coming year. We've compiled a slew of predictions -- including the idea that some unemployed IT pros may soon turn to life of crime. That particular nugget comes from security vendor Finjan. While it's no stretch to say that cybercrime will rise in 2009, Finjan put a spin on its cybercrime prediction, saying the growth will occur "with an increasing number of unemployed IT professionals joining in."

Sun, wind, algae: Future data-center power sources?

The potential for wind power in the upper Midwest United States has led some to dub the region the "Saudi Arabia of wind." But tapping that potential isn't easy. In particular, the difficulty of integrating wind power into utility companies' transmission grids is hampering adoption.

Sun's 'Open Work' program sheds light on telecommute savings

Sun Microsystems is an old hand when it comes to telework. The technology company has been growing its telecommuting ranks through its Open Work program for a decade, and today nearly 19,000 employees (56 per cent of Sun's population) work from home or in a flexible office.

Pimp your apps

Tools for speeding sluggish applications traditionally are of two types: application-delivery controllers designed to ease the load on Web servers, and WAN optimization devices aimed at mitigating network latency and bandwidth constraints. Some say it's time for these two to consolidate.

Four cool network optimization startups

When Rich De Brino agreed to let a start-up come on-site and demonstrate how its technology could optimize video applications by aggregating multiple network connections, he didn't make it easy on the vendor.