Stories by Anup Varier

Samsung's Loss Could be Samsung's Gain

The recent verdict in favor of Apple, in its long drawn legal battle with Samsung, has done for Samsung what a billion dollar marketing campaign couldn't have achieved. Samsung was and is all over the news. The judgment has also drawn additional attention to Samsung as everyone wants to see what Apple is so upset about.

IDC: Enterprise mobility - Only a matter of when, not if

IDC analysts who spoke at the Computerworld IT Roadmap event, held across the three cities of Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi unequivocally emphasized the importance of enterprise mobility and the benefits an organization can hope to derive from it.

Wipro Q1 FY2013 Result Fails to Meet Expectations

Wipro Limited has announced its financial results under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for its first quarter ended June 30, 2012, reporting total revenues of $1.92 billion (INR 106.53 billion), a Year-on-Year (YoY) increase of 24 percent.

Infosys Q1 FY2013 Result Fails to Meet Expectations

Infosys has announced its consolidated results, under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), for the first quarter ended June 30, 2012, posting revenue of $1,752 million. Although representing a year-on-year(YoY) growth of 4.8 percent, this quarterly result has failed to meet industry analysts' expectations. "Infosys reported yet another disappointing quarterly result. The dollar revenue declined 1.1 percent quarter-on-quarter(qoq) to $1,752mn as against expectations of it remaining flat," said Ankita Somani, Research Analyst-IT, Angel Broking.

The Value of Internet for Small and Medium Enterprises in India

In multiple countries small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that have engaged actively with consumers on the Internet have experienced three-year sales growth rates up to 22 percentage points higher than those of companies with low or no Internet presence, according to the 'Internet Economy in the G-20' report by the Boston Consulting Group.

3 Factors Pushing Indian IT Infrastructure Market to $3 bn by 2016

Gartner recently announced that the Indian IT infrastructure market comprising of servers, storage and networking equipment will reach $2.05 billion (approximately INR 13,500 crore) in 2012, a 10.3 percent increase over 2011. It also mentioned that this is expected to reach $3.01 billion (approximately INR 16,200 crore) by 2016.

BYOD in India: Employees Keen; IT Treads With Caution

Communications services and solutions provider British Telecom recently released a research summary of its survey 'BT Assure- Rethink the Risk'. The survey includes responses from more than 2,000 users and decision makers across 11 countries including India.