Stories by Sophie Curtis

Brits ready to embrace wearable tech, study claims

Wearable technology is widely predicted to be the "next big wave" in mobility, with innovations like the Pebble watch and Google Glass providing a glimpse of what the future could look like. But new research in the UK has revealed that 8 million people in Britain are already using wearables, and 16 million are planning to use them when they become more widely available.

Red Hat: Beware of cloud 'open-washing'

Open source software company Red Hat believes that companies like VMware and Microsoft are skewing the definition of open cloud by claiming that their virtualisation products are open when in fact they are closed.

RIM to scrap two more BlackBerry devices?

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is rumoured to have scrapped two of the three handsets that it was planning to introduce in 2012, including one that was originally intended to be the first device to run the BlackBerry 10 operating system, formerly known as QNX.