Stories by Stilgherrian

Android, the simmering security shemozzle

Even apart from the serious security flaw in HTC Sense and malware that talks to an encrypted blog, to name just two recent issues, a consensus seems to be emerging. Android has serious security problems.

Duqu, Son of Stuxnet, has arrived

The team behind Stuxnet, the complex malware used to attack Iran's nuclear program earlier this year, has produced another worm, dubbed "Duqu" by McAfee Labs.

MD5 password hashes are dead

MD5 hashes, still a common method for securing login passwords, are no longer an adequate defence against hackers, according to Kaspersky Lab analyst Evgeny (Eugene) Aseev.

Rogue Google certificate used by 300,000 Iranian IPs

Iranian internet users whose security may have been compromised by the forged digital certificate could number in the hundreds of thousands. An interim report (PDF) commissioned by DigiNotar, the certification authority (CA) at the centre of the hacking incident, also reveals lax security at the Dutch firm.

Online health records at risk from malware

AusCERT general manager Graham Ingram has questioned the wisdom of Australia's National E-Health Strategy plans to make medical records available online, pointing to the difficulty of securing end-users' computers.