Stories by John Cox

IT groups eschew BYOD, issue company-owned tablets

After several years of struggling to accommodate personally-owned smartphones, many corporate IT groups are taking the opposite tack with tablets: they're issuing corporate-owned iPads and Android tablets. And partly as a result, at least some are seeing a jump in costs for mobile end user support, redesigned custom applications, and device administration.

Why the iPhone matters: 8 questions for Horace Dediu

Horace Dediu writes data-driven analyses on a wide range of mobile industry topics. He is the founder and author of Asymco, a blog for "curated market intelligence," and previously worked for eight years at Nokia, as an industry analyst and business development manager.

Apple boosts wages, discounts for retail store employees

A New York Times story is being credited for jolting Apple into granting some generous raises for the hourly wage workers who staff the company's retail stores. But the raises were apparently already planned, and announced for early-than-expected release, by Apple's new retail store chief.

RIM's rumoured breakup is a 'silly fantasy'

Unnamed sources "close" to BlackBerry maker Research in Motion dismissed as a "silly fantasy" a story by The Sunday Times of London claiming that the company was considering splitting its hardware and network services groups in to separate businesses.

iPhone 5 rumour rollup for the week ending June 22

With the advent of the northern summer, the iOSsphere is heating up, through recirculating tried and probably-not-true rumors about iPhone 5. The good thing about Apple shifting iPhone announcements to the Fall, is it gives us a new summer entertainment option.