Stories by John Cox

Multi-gigabit wireless spec on tap by year-end

Seventeen chip makers, consumer electronics companies and one software vendor, Microsoft, have banded together to create a standard for multi-gigabit, short-range wireless networking.

Programmer sues Google over 'Android'

The owner of an obscure US software development company is suing Google and everyone else in the Open Handset Alliance over their use of the word "Android."

Palm's webOS lives up to hype, early developers say

Underneath the sleek exterior, the multi-touch display and the sliding keyboard of the upcoming Palm Pre smartphone is the real innovation: a new kind of operating system designed with the mobile Web in mind.

Mobile devices tax unprepared IT groups

Companies expect to support a growing range of smartphones and mobile employees -- but their mobile infrastructure lacks key elements to do so efficiently and cost-effectively, new research finds.

RIM becomes a $10 billion company

Research In Motion is going strong despite an economy in recession, for the first time surpassing US$10 billion in revenue for the fiscal year just ended.