Stories by John Cox

Palm Pre vs. Apple iPhone: how they stack up

Moribund Palm, in danger of becoming just a Windows Mobile running dog with lackluster handhelds, seems to have scored with its introduction this week of the Palm Pre 3G smartphone, powered by the new webOS operating system. But how does it stack up against Apple's iPhone?

Trapeze swings for Newbury Networks

WLAN vendor Trapeze Networks -- itself owned by Belden -- Monday announced its acquisition of Newbury Networks, a Boston-based vendor of WLAN-based location systems.

Computing for Good: Web technology to solve human problems

It wasn't your typical computer science problem that caught the attention of two PhD candidates at Georgia Tech's College of Computing. It was more of a life-or-death problem: monitoring the safety of blood supplies in African nations ravaged by HIV and AIDS.

IT struggles to close the mobile phone gap

For a concept that's remarkably easy to reduce to a sound bite, bridging the gap between mobile phones and enterprise networks ("fixed-mobile convergence") remains stubbornly hard to implement.

Smartphone showdown: Nokia's new N97 vs. iPhone

Nokia this week released its high-end N97 3G smartphone, combining a touchscreen with a tilted 3.5-inch display, a full QWERTY keyboard, and inviting a straight-up comparison with Apple's trend-setting iPhone. 

Aruba reports record revenue, but losses soar

On the day the Dow Jones Industrial Average continued its fall, by another 455 points, WLAN vendor Aruba Networks reported record first quarter revenues, but also a much higher net loss compared to a year ago.

Meraki products aim to ease Wi-Fi deployment

Meraki has unveiled two products -- one that fits into a electrical wall outlet, the other that runs without relying on an electrical grid at all -- that make it even simpler to deploy its Wi-Fi mesh network. It also unveiled a promotional package to encourage fast, low-cost deployment of Meraki wireless networks in apartment complexes, hotels and similar multitenant sites.

Education IT chiefs debate open source

The concept of open source software seems so firmly entrenched in higher education that it comes as almost a shock to realize there's actually a debate over it. But debate there was, civilized and trenchant, this week during the annual Educause conference on high technology in higher education in the US.

U4EA's WLAN gear targets SMBs

U4EA Technologies has released a low-priced wireless-LAN controller and access point that can be up and running securely in 15 minutes.