Stories by Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen

Enhancing security with open source

Computing security has never been more important. Increasing regulations, differing requirements from international locales and sophisticated attacks all contribute to serious challenges that call for thorough solutions.

The perfect Cloud is an open Cloud

There’s a good reason why the words ‘Cloud computing’ feature in most IT dialogues today. It’s a hugely important evolution in the way we consume and operate computing today. More than that, it’s a fundamental shift to an operational model in which applications don't live out their lives on a specific piece of hardware, and in which resources are more flexibly deployed than was the historical norm.

How to build a private Cloud

Some new technologies make their way into organisations at the periphery. Perhaps they perform some specific task that is outside of the day-to-day concerns of IT management. Perhaps they're an ad hoc tool of some sort — useful but not part of any formal workflows or procedures. Perhaps they increase efficiency in a way that can be adopted incrementally to one server or one group of applications at a time.