Stories by Howard Solomon

Canada unveils latest lawful Internet access law

The Canadian government has introduced its long-awaited legislation giving police new powers to get Internet and wireless subscriber information without a warrant and requiring telecommunications providers to have equipment for intercepting communications.

Mitel Networks CEO to leave post

After just over nine years at the helm of Mitel Networks Inc., Don Smith is leaving as chief executive officer of the unified communications applications developer to sit on the board directors.

Another way of monitoring

Running a network without monitoring it is like playing with fire: Sooner or later you're bound to get burned.

Cautious about 802.11n

It's no secret that enterprises are wild about mobility - just check soaring sales of smartphones and laptops.

Nortel provides hope for future of IPTV

Television over the Internet -- known to many as IPTV -- is the technology landline operators hope will let them compete with cable providers and others in offering bundles of services to customers.

The knock on NAC

Three years ago, network access control was the big buzzword in security.

Racing towards 10Gigabit Ethernet

A university data centre may not seem the place to adopt leading edge technology, given that publicly-funded institutes are chronically short of money.