Stories by Bob Brown

Week in Facebook news: New privacy tools, unfriending study and making spammer pay up

As if the opening of <a href="">The Social Network movie</a>  to start the month didn’t give people enough to talk about regarding Facebook, the company this past week hasn’t been able to stay out of the headlines through actions of its own and others.

Google doles out $10M for feel-good projects

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has announced the five winners of its Project 10^100 contest, a competition that is rewarding big thinkers in education, government, science and transportation with a combined $10 million to pursue their efforts.

Inside Intel's security organisation

The "Here You Have" e-mail virus that ripped across the Internet last week didn't leave Intel unscathed: The 80,000-plus employee company had 4,400 employees click on the malware and wound up with 400 infected machines.