• Is Network Co. the way to go?

    Probably the most interesting thing to come out of Malcolm Turnbull’s speech at the National Press Club yesterday was the idea that the coalition, given the opportunity, would separate Telstra and transfer the wholesale assets to a new “Network Co”. At <i>TechWorld</i> we posed a similar idea, but we can’t help but ask, is it workable?

  • Will Sun’s past Android attitude influence the courts?

    The week some old <i>TechWorld</i> news about Sun’s former CEO praising Google’s adoption has resurfaced in the US. The question now is whether the courts will take notice.

  • Google+ has no ads... yet

    When Google+ first appeared I blogged about what would motivate Google to push so hard – on so many occasions – to get into the social networking space. If it's all about advertising why doesn't Google+ carry any ads yet?

  • Smartphone surge turning Web developers to HTML5

    Today two interesting snippets of news surfaced and neither were about the Carbon Tax. We Australians have an appetite for smartphones and online job ads for HTML5 are skyrocketing. Are the two in any way related?

  • Why Google+ amid the social networking battleground?

    Last week I had a chance to take a look at Google’s latest attempt at a mass-market social networking service, Google+. It’s left me wondering, why does Google feel the need to go to such lengths to play in the social networking space? The answer lies in eyeballs and what advertisers put in front of them.

  • MeeGo to Windows Phone at Nokia

    It’s been a big week for Nokia. The roots of its smartphone technology evolved into a consumer product and details of its first Windows-based handset have hit the headlines. Where to now for the once-mighty mobile maker?

  • PSN back, but the hacks keep coming

    I finally bothered to reinstate my PSN account, but with all the hacking that’s going on apart from Sony it’s left me wondering if worse incidents are yet to come.

  • Good summary of the MeeGo ecosystem

    Finnish blogger and mobile Linux developer Henri Bergius has written a nice summary of what MeeGo is and how it’s not just a Linux-based OS, but an entire ecosystem. It makes me wonder how long it will be before a large handset or tablet maker will start shipping it in big numbers.

  • Open Search Server releases new developer preview

    The Open Search Server project has released a new developer preview, including a new screenshot feature that captures screenshots of the Web pages being crawled, similar to the preview feature of a big name public search engine.

  • PSN password resets dribble in

    I received my first correspondence from Sony since the great compromise of last month in the form of a password reset notification e-mail. Should we follow our phishing instincts and click on the link or attempt to change the password on our own time?

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