• How can anyone not love the GIMP?

    A recent comment on this [[xref:http://www.techworld.com.au/blog/talkingtech/2008/07/linux_desktop_odyssey_linux_on_the_business_desktop_lets_see_it_for_ourselv#comment-58|TechWorld blog post]] sparked some fiery debate over the suitability of [[xref:http://www.gimp.org|the GIMP]] for “office-level” graphics needs.

  • Linux desktop odyssey: don't stress, Linux is productive too

    Last week I copped a bit of flak over my “[[xref:http://www.techworld.com.au/blog/talkingtech/2008/08/linux_desktop_odyssey_when_linux_has_a_bad_day|when Linux has a bad day]]” blog, which highlighted all the problems I was having trying to just get on with my work.

  • Linux Desktop Odyssey: when Linux has a bad day

    I was preparing to move to my Linux desktop yesterday when all hell broke loose. It seems the SLED 10 box and its partner in crime Lotus Notes were having a very bad day. Let me recapitulate.

  • Linux Desktop Odyssey: Let the journey begin

    I just renamed my two previous blogs about migrating from Windows XP to SLED 10 in a business environment as “Linux Desktop Odyssey” so everyone can easily keep up with my progress. The Linux Desktop Odyssey blog series will present a no-holds-barred review of what the average business computer user can expect with Linux in front of them.

  • How far behind the eight ball are you?

    It just occurred to me this week, looking at all the new computer systems coming onto the market, that many people are drastically behind the technology curve when it comes to the operating system they use.

  • When will the computer industry really go green?

    I went along to Intel's Centrino 2 media event in Sydney today.

    As usual, with a big tech announcement like this, local hacks get the announcement at least half a day after their US counterparts.

  • Linux Desktop Odyssey: Finally, Notes on Linux is here and ready

    Two years. Can you believe it's been two years to the day since IBM first released a native Lotus Notes client for Linux?

    See [[xref:http://www.computerworld.com.au/index.php/id;1804921878|this news report]] dated July 11, 2006.

    Where did version 7.x go in that time? Pretty much nowhere. With an [[xref:http://www.computerworld.com.au/index.php/id;36377484|installation process like this]], I wonder why.

  • Linux Desktop Odyssey: Linux on the business desktop? Let's see it for ourselves

    I'm sick to the back teeth about all this talk of whether Linux on the desktop is ready for average office worker.

    Or should that be is the average office worker ready for a Linux desktop?

    The only way I (and hopefully others) will know if it's ready for me is to use it in a production environment.

  • OpenSUSEee PC

    I've done it! I've concocted a new name for a great personal computing system of the future.

  • iLike the iPhone and iLove competition

    Love or hate Apple, the iPhone is only good for the mobile industry.

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