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Pascal Hakim

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I am always amazed at how rarely people actually profile their code. You can get some amazing insights into what's happening in your code with some simple profiling tools. Caleb and I have been looking at getting better performance out of our sites lately, which has involved spending a bit of time looking at profiling data.

We normally use the Advanced PHP Debugger (APD), which we engage with a simple bit of code.

if ($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] == 'x.x.x.x' && isset($_GET['profiling'])) {
ini_set("apd.statement_tracing", 1);

Using it is pretty easy. If you want to know what's going on, just add a profiling argument to the request and profiling data gets added to a file in /var/log/php5-apd.

You can convert this file into a file which kcachegrind can read using a tool called pprof2calltree which is included in the APD package.

Once you've done those steps, you can start playing around with your profiling data in kcachegrind. I find the columns which show how long a function ran for in total and the number of times it was called very useful, but I spend most of my time playing with the call graph.

While having my coffee this morning, I noticed this:

What's that? The memcacheCache->connect is being called 81 times? That can't be right. We shouldn't need anywhere near that many connections.

I looked a bit further up the graph and noticed:

As you can see on that graph, the CacheRouter->__init function is being called everytime the CacheRouter->get function is being run. Well, isn't that interesting?

I showed this to Caleb who found the problem soon after. CacheRouter was saving its status into a local variable $map instead of using $this->map to save it into the class variable.

Patch now available at:

Things looked much better afterwards:

As you can see, we're only calling it 4 times now, and execution times have gone from 14,097 ticks to just 666...

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