Toying with TechWorld tag RSS feeds

Rodney Gedda

Rodney Gedda is the former deputy editor of CIO and former editor of Techworld.

The TechWorld dev team has added RSS feeds for all tags on the site. A “tag” is simply a quick way to classify and article in addition to the formal section-category structure.

Example TechWorld tags are: Cloud computing, firefox, malware, Microsoft, Linux, etc. You get the idea.

The really cool thing with tags is they can be used to watch a topic for a new article via your favourite RSS reader.

In any TechWorld article, scroll down to below the comment submission form and look for the RSS icon. These icons are links to the tags' RSS feeds.

If you click on one with Firefox you'll be asked to add the feed to your browser's “live bookmarks”.

So if you're interested in Windows Mobile, add that tag's RSS feed to your browser or feed reader. The URL format is like:

Where “tagname” the name of the actual tag. Real examples are: computing

For a list of all the articles as a regular Web page, simply use the same URL, but remove the "/rss" part.

Have a play with tag RSS feeds and let us know what you think.

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