Recruiter seeks developers for Amazon video-on-demand team

Rohan Pearce

Rohan Pearce is the editor of Techworld Australia.

So what is Amazon up to now?

Evidently, a representative from recruitment firm Lab 8 Ventures has been trawling LinkedIn for Australian developers, trying to drum up interest in a meeting with members of Amazon's video-on-demand engineering team in the first week of October.

The meeting, which is targeted at senior software engineers and leaders, is about a job based in Seattle (where Amazon has its headquarters). The position "is a full time/permanent opportunity and the relocation, benefits and compensation package is extremely impressive", according to the recruiter's LinkedIn message.

According to the message, Lab 8 Ventures is "partnering with Amazon to help them build the team that is responsible for creating the next generation of industry disruptors which will make a massive shift in digital media.

"Video is the next big movement, and Amazon is revolutionizing not only the ability to watch any video across any device, but also how movies are being made in the industry. At the heart of this movement is Amazon's Video On Demand engineering team which is comprised of 6-8 small, agile teams working on issues around scalability, performance, security, UI development, quality, mobile, data analytics, all at Amazon scale.

"This is Amazon's next bold bet, and we think this could be a fantastic opportunity for you, and that comes along only once in a lifetime."

We've contacted Amazon to see if we can find out more (and to confirm that the recruiter is actually working for them!) Drop me a line at rohan_pearce at if you have the inside scoop (or, you know, some general tech gossip). Or follow me on Twitter at @rohan_p if you want to see me post pictures of an aging Palm Pilot and tweets about cats.

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