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  • 17 October 2013 10:47

TE Connectivity announces new pre-terminated Sigma-Link solution in Quick-Fit format

Copper cabling system saves time, improves design flexibility for data centre managers

Sydney, Australia – October, 2013. TE Connectivity’s (TE’s) pre-terminated cassette-based Sigma-Link copper cabling system has been upgraded to be compatible with the company’s Quick-Fit profile, making it compatible with TE’s Universal Connectivity Platform (UCP).

As a result, Sigma-Link Quick-Fit housings can now be ‘mixed and matched’ with other copper or fibre connectivity solutions in the same rack – and even in the same patch panel – providing designers and managers with significant flexibility for future upgrades and reconfigurations.

The Sigma-Link solution can be deployed in any application that requires copper twisted-pair cabling and can be used to connect users to switches, switches to other switches, or for switch-to-server links. It is designed to improve efficiency in network infrastructures by saving time and improving design flexibility. With its pre-terminated copper cable trunks, the Sigma-Link system enables the IT or data centre manager to quickly deploy a cabling channel with complete confidence in the installed performance.

Each pre-terminated assembly is factory tested, and the links are available in performance levels from Category 6 through to Category 7A, with a variety of configuration types and shielding constructions. The Sigma-Link system supports up to 10GbE (10 Gigabit Ethernet) transmission and beyond, allowing very high bandwidth applications and protocols to be supported in the future.

The UCP system is designed to deliver rack efficiency and supports multiple media deployment. It comprises a versatile range of components that include one common 19-inch patch panel (either angled or flat), subfloor and overhead panel mounts, as well as Xtra-U panels for side mounting. All panels can be used to accommodate both copper and fibre cassettes/modules, and the units can be installed within or outside the traditional 19-inch envelope.

TE’s Data Centre Business Line Manager in ANZ, Thorsten Punke, commented: “With this new Quick-Fit compatibility, the Sigma-Link solution can be deployed in UCP installations, which means that IT and data centre managers can enjoy the combined benefits of this modular pre-terminated cabling system and can mix and match connectivity solutions across the Universal Connectivity Platform.”

The pre-terminated Sigma-Link system arrives at the installation location ready to work, with guaranteed levels of performance and quality. This removes working time for termination and eliminates the need to guess what the final transmission performance of a link will be. Every link is tested prior to leaving the factory. As a housing-to-housing system, it can be quickly located into UCP panels from TE, taking minimal time to deploy and configure a new channel in the network.

Available as a Class FA (Category 7A) system, the Sigma-Link solution has the capability to support future “bandwidth hungry” applications and is prepared for the forthcoming Cat. 8 standard.

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