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  • 22 November 2017 13:41

New Kaltura survey points to video as an integral part of the workplace of the future

International survey of almost 650 respondents reveals over 85% of businesses want all of their enterprise software platforms to fully support video capabilities

AUSTRALIA, 22 November 2017 – Leading video technology provider Kaltura has published its fourth annual State of Video in the Enterprise report, an international study of almost 650 enterprise professionals that examines the evolving use of video in business. The results reveal that large organisations now consider the integration of video content and workflows into all of their key technology platforms an important requirement. While many of these platforms already support direct integration of video content and workflows, many are still lacking in their ability to fully support video natively.

Video workflow integration - Specifically, 90% of respondents from large businesses believe that video content and workflows should be integrated into their learning management systems, 89% into content management systems, 77% into social business platforms, and 93% into CRM/marketing automation systems.    Employee video creation on the rise - The survey also found that active video creation by employees is on the rise, with over half (53%) of all respondents reporting that their organisations are creating more video content in 2017 than they did last year.  

According to an eMarketer report, smartphones are responsible for spurring levels of video viewership. This phenomenon is exacerbated by the rapid proliferation of smartphones across the world, with integrated cameras within mobile devices also making video production second nature to modern audiences. This trend is likely to continue into the near future, especially in regions such as Asia Pacific (APAC) that lead the world in mobile phone penetration.

Over a quarter use video for more than 5 use cases - Interestingly, over a quarter of large companies (29%) already use video for 5 – 8 different use cases, while 91% use it for at least two. Use cases include: brand awareness (e.g. website video, social media, & advertising, 73%), employee-generated content (69%), public event broadcasting (46%), learning/training (89%), internal communications (84%), and internal live broadcasts (60%).

Webcasting proving popular - Continuing on the theme of live broadcasts, webcasting – for the purposes of this survey defined as ‘a media presentation by one or more speakers that is distributed over the Internet to many simultaneous viewers’ – is proving popular. Almost three-quarters of respondents from large organizations (71%) use webcasting for C-suite communications (C-suite), and almost half (49%) use it for employee training.   Video management strategies - In parallel, as video creation and viewing volumes rise, large organizations are focusing on improving the way video is managed internally. When asked about plans to consolidate the various systems under a few centrally managed solutions, 33% say that they have already consolidated or are in the process of doing so, while another 32% plan to do so. One way of organizing video content across the organization is with a video portal, which is already deployed by 67% of large organisations.

“Video is increasingly seen as a critical new data type that any system needs to fully support. With an overwhelming amount of respondents from large businesses looking for video in their existing systems, it becomes increasingly clear to us that many enterprise software platforms still have insufficient support for video,” said Kaltura’s Co-founder, President & General Manager - Enterprise & Learning, Dr Michal Tsur.     “The demand stems from user behaviour, but also from the fact that video actually presents unique engagement metrics for businesses to track and learn from. We continue to work closely with all of the leading software platforms to add native support for video using our Video-Platform-as-a-Service,” Tsur added.

Eylon Cohen, Vice President and General Manager – Enterprise and Education at Kaltura APAC, believes there is huge potential for video to flourish in APAC, in line with existing studies that identify the region’s audiences as one of the world’s most avid consumers of video. An eMarketer report forecasted that digital video viewership in APAC would reach a staggering 1.10 billion by the end of 2017, a number that will account for more than half the world’s video audience.

‘With the widespread use of video in daily life, it is only natural that users will come to expect the same tools to be available to them in the workplace,’ commented Eylon. ‘With APAC businesses leading the world in digital transformation, we anticipate further integration of video across the enterprise in the years moving ahead, helping employees to deliver better results at work.’

The State of Video in the Enterprise report is designed for enterprise CIOs, CMOs, IT directors and owners of video initiatives within organizations looking to build or enhance their video strategy, as well as enterprise software companies that are looking to integrate video capabilities into existing enterprise solutions. Enterprise professionals from a range of industry sectors and countries took the online survey during September 2017.

To download a copy of the report, please click here:   

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