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  • 16 November 2018 11:47

Enterprises Vote for a Video-First Approach: Kaltura’s Latest Survey Reveals that Employees Create More Videos for Work than Personal Use

International survey of over 650 professionals shows that 76% of large companies run at least one webcast per year

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND, November 16, 2018 – Kaltura, leading video technology provider, publishes its fifth annual State of Video in the Enterprise report, which reveals that employees’ passion for video has extended beyond their personal lives, and into the workplace. While 62% of respondents create at least one video every month for personal reasons (such as sharing events and thoughts with family and friends, demonstrating skills, and sending video messages), 63% report creating a video a month for professional reasons (sharing events and thoughts with colleagues, representing the organization, reaching out to clients and prospects, etc.), and 10% create at least one video for professional purposes a day.

Based on an online survey conducted in September 2018 with more than 650 enterprise professionals from around the world, this report from Kaltura looks at the impact that video is having across enterprise.

Video continues to grow and spread across the organization Video continues to increase in popularity across every department, with 98% of respondents seeing video use in their organization as steady or growing. One of the most popular use cases is video for learning and training. 75% report using video for internal learning and development. However, external learning benefits from video, too. Since 2017, the number of companies using video to train customers and other external parties has grown by 24%.

When companies use video in their organization, they use it for many different use cases across the company. Unlike previous years, this year, no company that used video, reported using it for only one use case, and at large organizations (10,000+ employees), 28% reported using video for more than 9 different uses.

Webcasting goes mainstream Webcasting, once restricted to one or two big broadcasts a year, has tipped over into a regular practice, especially for larger organizations. Across almost every category, large companies are using video for more purposes, at higher rates. For webcasting, this was particularly dramatic. Large companies are 60% more likely to report using live broadcast for their company events than the respondents as a whole. 76% of large companies ran at least one webcast in the last year. 46% broadcast an average of at least one webcast per month and 27% average at least one webcast a week.

Video is seen as a valuable tool As for why video use has been rapidly growing, enterprises are clear on the value video brings. 98% say video is valuable for improving communication, while 98% also say video fosters better and faster learning and development. 92% think video makes executives more relatable and personal, which offers significant clues to the growth in webcasting usage.

“Enterprises are now launching multiple video-based communication channels. They are using live webcasts, as well as video on-demand messaging, for more engaging communication across the organization. There is growing demand for a “video first, mobile first” approach in many employee communications,” said Kaltura’s Co-founder, President and General Manager – Enterprise & Learning, Dr. Michal Tsur. “That’s why we are investing in making our video experiences even more engaging and personalized, and in providing better tracking and analytics around engagement. We are also working with many leading enterprise platforms to launch a video-first experience using our Video Platform as a Service (Kaltura VPaaS). I predict that one of the biggest areas of growth for video in the enterprise this year will be in learning. Corporate learning is transforming, and a video-first approach will become mainstream.”

These findings are in line with other global studies that point to the growth potential of video across Asia Pacific. Rapid digitalisation across the region in recent years has led to the creation of a technological-first audience, while video growth has been catalysed by adoption of fast internet connectivity and booming mobile phone ownership rates. These trends are expected to continue as Asia Pacific’s developing economies embark on their digitalisation efforts.

“What we are seeing in Asia Pacific in terms of video adoption is in line with the results of our survey,” said Eylon Cohen, Vice-President and General Manager, Asia Pacific – Enterprise and Education. “To fully harness the potential of video technology, it is imperative for organisations to develop capabilities that will enable them to not only produce, manage and share videos, but also to analyse viewership and engagement statistics and devise actionable insights.”

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