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  • 17 January 2019 15:03

8 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019

From LogRhythm Labs

1. A cyberattack on an automobile will kill someone. We’ve already seen hackers remotely kill a Jeep on the highway, disable safety features like air bags and antilock brakes, and hack into a car’s Bluetooth and OnStar features. As cars become more connected and driverless cars evolve, hackers will have more opportunities of doing real harm.

2. Asia Pacific continues to lag behind in the cybersecurity talent gap as countries are slow to offer training programs. Some markets have already begun to introduce cybersecurity training programs for the workforce as well as offer undergraduate courses to students. However, the pace of this is not fast enough nor it is ubiquitous across the region. With the region experiencing the biggest workforce shortage at about 2.14 million, expect to see the cybersecurity talent gap not closing any time soon.

3. Bio-identifiers will outpace traditional passwords. Authentication using biometrics — especially facial recognition — continues to grow in popularity, and we don’t see this slowing down any time soon. Case in point: Apple has made passcodes completely optional starting with 2017’s iPhone X release, and it stuck to its decision with this year’s XS and XS Max releases. As ease of use remains a top priority for users, we’ll see traditional passwords decline in popularity.

4. Asia Pacific businesses will be impacted by the “balkanization” of cybersecurity regulations. As countries in Asia Pacific continue to establish their own cybersecurity laws alongside the enforcement of GDPR in May 2018, businesses will face challenges keeping up with the various in-market requirements. In 2019, we expect to see greater challenges when it comes to cross-border business operations.

5. Cloud-based ransomware will compromise a major corporation’s infrastructure. Ransomware continues to grow in sophistication. In 2019, we believe we will see it successfully compromise a major corporation’s cloud infrastructure. The results will be devastating, impacting thousands of customers and resulting in a heavy loss of profits due to missed SLAs and fines.

6. Trump’s cell phone will be hacked. Yes, we’ve said this one before, but with the President using an unencrypted phone to communicate with leaders of nations, this has to be a hot target. Just imagine what the potential impact will be — not to mention what we’ll see on Twitter.

7. We’ll see a move to hold CEOs accountable for breaches. There are already regulations to hold people accountable (notably CISOs) for breaches. But as the pace and damage of breaches continues to quicken, we believe we’ll see these regulations begin to expand accountability to the CEO role.

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