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  • 4 September 2019 17:55

Whispir brings one-click instant live video chat to communications workflow industry

Whispir Limited (ASX: WSP), a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) communications workflow platform that automates interactions between businesses and people, has launched the first one-click instant live video chat service offered by any communications workflow provider.

Whispir Limited (ASX: WSP) has launched the first one-click instant live video chat service offered by any communications workflow provider.

Called ‘Whispir Video Chat’, all Whispir customers can now incorporate one-on-one video conversations instantly or set up live video meetings with one click through SMS, email or push notifications without needing third-party app installations or pre-registrations. This allows customers to reach their audiences instantly, wherever they are and through their preferred device and channel.

Initially targeting customers in banking, insurance and operational communications such as human resources, the new services will enable companies to deliver face-to-face customer service and advice remotely. They will improve resolution times and customer satisfaction and increase staff collaboration and efficiency.

Video interactions are encrypted and meet all monitoring, security compliance and fraud prevention standards. Video conversations are securely archived and catalogued with creation dates, time stamps, duration and file size, easily organised for reporting.

Whispir CEO Jeromy Wells, said, “As consumers increasingly demand enriched remote digital experiences, businesses need tools that assist in automating and streamlining their communications processes. This is particularly evident in banking and insurance where around 70 percent of consumers prefer to interact with them using virtual communications.

“As a channel, video has long been utilised to make remote communications more human. However, until now it has not been possible for companies to seamlessly personalise video services at scale and for their stakeholders to use them with only a single click. The introduction of Whispir Video Chat will allow our customers to dramatically improve their remote customer interactions, enabling secure face-to-face personalised video chat with their stakeholders wherever they are and on whatever device they prefer.

“Whispir’s industry-leading real time video chat removes the complexity from hosting and storing video conferencing for our customers, allowing their stakeholders to contact them for free without needing to register for the service or download a new app.

“It enables our customers to build trust with their stakeholders quickly, provide immediate advice for complex transactions as well as improve overall user experience through a secure and easy-to-use feature that consumers are familiar with.”

Whispir Video Chat was developed in conjunction with US channel partner Nexmo and TokBox.

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