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  • 25 September 2019 11:49

HMA VPN 5.0 expands global footprint with more high speed connection locations and deeper privacy options

Full re-design adds system-wide kill switch for deeper protection, split-tunnelling for more control and flexibility, and a lightning connect option for improved user experience

HMA, a global digital privacy provider, has announced the availability of the latest version of HMA’s Virtual Private Network (VPN). HMA VPN 5.0 has been completely re-designed to simplify privacy for users and to offer a host of new, exciting features for Windows, Mac and Android devices. A recent HMA global study found that 47% of people agree that privacy is a human right, and 84% were concerned their online history could be accessed without them knowing by governments, hackers, police and partners. HMA believes everyone has the right to be private online and has designed HMA VPN 5.0 features to give users the widest choice of encryption and security options that they can easily tailor to their requirements.

Making Privacy Simple

HMA VPN 5.0’s new design automatically provides privacy tips and more advanced capabilities such as system-wide Kill Switch, Split-Tunneling, and Auto-connect.

Key features in the new version include Lightning Mode which automatically provides users when activated with the fastest available server, replacing the multitude of connection modes that were offered in the past. When coming across a blocked website, the new Refresh IP function generates a suitable IP address with one click, eliminating the time and frustration of testing multiple alternative addresses. These advances make securing browsing, streaming, file access, and downloading via HMA VPN easier than ever before.

Additionally, HMA VPN 5.0 delivers major improvements to its core privacy failsafe, Kill Switch. All Windows, Mac and Android devices now have a System-Wide Kill Switch which will stop all internet traffic if the connection to an HMA server drops. Windows users will also benefit from an even Smarter App Kill Switch which immediately and proactively launches HMA VPN any time that an application on its list is loaded.

Finally, HMA is also taking the first steps towards complete No Logging with HMA VPN 5.0. Exact IP addresses are no longer collected, ensuring users cannot be identified in this manner, and HMA is reducing the length of data retention to just 30 days. Full details can be found in the HMA updated Privacy Policy.

More Locations Than Ever

HMA continues to expand its high speed connections and now offers over 1,000 servers, giving users more choice over where they ‘appear’ to be than ever before. The majority of these servers are capable of delivering speeds of 20Gb per second for the ultimate smooth online experience.

HMA 5.0 users on any Android device will benefit from the Split-Tunneling feature which lets users decide which applications go through the HMA VPN tunnel, and which don’t – allowing for greater flexibility in how and when users change locations or add protection. For example, a user connected to a hotel Wi-Fi network could access work files or a favorite streaming service via the HMA VPN, but use the local network to browse for the details of local restaurants and taxi companies.

To help you take advantage of these infrastructure improvements, all HMA 5.0 users on Mac and Windows will be able to benefit from Speed Test, allowing you to pick locations based on their best download speeds, latency, or distance.

Jonathan Lemmonier, Senior Product Manager, HMA, said, “More people than ever are looking to shield themselves from prying eyes as they go about their daily lives. The enhancements in HMA VPN 5.0 help people exercise their fundamental right to privacy online without any compromise to performance and functionality. With the addition of more server locations, improved protection, and a boosted kill switch, we are delivering on our commitment to giving our users the flexible and accessible online privacy they need.”

HMA VPN 5.0 is now available to download from .

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