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  • 27 May 2004 12:54

Advanced Data Integration wins R&D Grant to further develop electronic document management system

Australian company celebrates 10th birthday and market leadership in EDMS

Brisbane, Australia – Advanced Data Integration (ADI), Australia’s leading supplier of electronic document management systems (EDMS) to local government, has won a Federal research and development grant of $775,000 to enable the company to build more intelligence into the software to help organisations cope with the overwhelming volume of documents they’re now facing.

The company, which is based in Brisbane and has offices and representatives around Australia and in New Zealand, also celebrates another milestone in its operations this month – its 10th anniversary.

“The new development project will create a unique document management and customer contact system able to intuitively respond to the precise needs of the user while they interact with the system,” said Chris Gorry, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Data Integration Pty Ltd.

The new project which started in January 2004 is due to be completed by June 2005 with the software to be released progressively during that period. The project has seen increased employment of technical resources.

“Since our opening in May 1994 we have seen an enormous increase in electronic documents, especially email which is growing at 69 per cent per year, making the use of filtering and enhanced logic tools mandatory,” Gorry said. “When this increase in volume is combined with the increase in the number of new users needing to be trained we are faced with the need for an intelligent system capable of interactively building the user interface based on current behaviour, learned behaviour, class of user behaviour and organisational risk management.”

ADI’s EDMS, DataWorks, is installed in more than 130 local councils across Australia as well as in State government, health, education, utilities and general commercial sites in Australia and New Zealand.

“With EDMS products being used by a wide range of public and private sector organisations across all industries, the task of training users is becoming increasingly difficult,” Gorry said.

“This research project seeks to address this issue by providing a user interface that is simpler, more intuitive and more adaptive than ever before, while in the background, continuing to follow the complex business rules and processes that must be implemented to meet clients’ needs. The key is being able to manage the 80 per cent of information that organisations have that lives outside of their core databases.”

DataWorks helps organisations by capturing and managing documents electronically so they can quickly and effectively be shared around the organisation, acted on as needed, and then stored in such a way they can be easily retrieved when necessary. By ensuring the security of the documents and being able to record activities relating to them, the organisation can manage its risks.

“The original development of DataWorks coincided with the release of Microsoft Windows 95,” Gorry said. “While our competitors were struggling to port their DOS-based applications to Windows we made huge inroads into the local government market. We later developed a client-server version of the software and more recently moved it to the N Tier architecture. These developments, like the new R&D project, have been driven by the changing needs of our clients and the opportunities created by maturing technologies.”

Established in May 1994 by Gorry and partners Nick Inglis and Mark Jeacocke, ADI celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. Opening in Brisbane with just four employees – the three founders and Software Development Manager, Marie Krestan, the company now has approximately 60 employees and offices in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. ADI is represented by resellers in South Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand.

“The company has grown to a great extent on the close relationship we have with our clients,” Gorry said. “We have a very active user group that meets on a national level once a year and more frequently on a state basis, and we have special interest groups, again made up of clients, and they work with us to identify new functionality needed in the product.”

Chris Gorry also credits the success of the company to the commitment of its personnel.

“The strength of the company has been the great team work and our ability to keep the original team together for such a long period. We have all maintained our passion for the product and our clients and that has proved to be a great recipe for success.”

About Advanced Data Integration Advanced Data Integration (ADI) is a leading Australian software and services company providing DataWorks, an electronic document management system, to more than 150 organisations in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. DataWorks is a market leader in the local government sector providing more than 130 local government authorities with a software solution to better capture, centralise and manage documents through work flow, imaging and storage. The software improves business processes and assists risk mitigation through the electronic identification and handling of documents. DataWorks is increasingly being used in the commercial, State Government, health, transport, utilities and education sectors. For more information please visit our web site,

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