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  • 26 March 2004 10:53

Brightmail working with major ISPs to support IIAs best-practice industry code

Brightmail working with major ISPs to support IIAs best-practice industry code

SYDNEY, Australia – March 26, 2004 – Brightmail, the global anti-spam market leader, has welcomed the introduction of industry code for ISPs, as best practices formulate a critical part of a rounded strategy of legislation, international cooperation, education and technological measures to effectively tackle the global problem of spam. Garry Sexton, Vice President Asia Pacific, Brightmail said: "The logical place to remove spam is before it hits the end-users inbox. From a consumers perspective this requires ISP’s to take action at the infrastructure level. In the US, ISP’s universally provide anti-spam services to their customers with 8 of the top 12 ISP’s providing Brightmail® Anti-Spam. We are pleased to see this approach is gaining traction here in Australia and believe this will make a big impact in mitigating spam levels.”

There is no single silver bullet for solving the problem of spam. But, we believe that a strong conjunction of enforceable laws, education of consumers and businesses, and powerful but accurate anti-spam technologies will ultimately bring spam under control. It is vital that as we work to stop spam, we don't impede the usability of email or the Internet. Anti-spam measures must be focused on removing the spam from the Internet, whilst avoiding the collateral damage of incorrectly blocking legitimate email."

The introduction of industry best practices, is a key component in support the implementation of the Australian Government’s anti-spam legislation. Anti-spam legislation was recently introduced in the United States and the European Union, yet statistics have shown that best practices are critical to make a positive impact in the reduction of spam.

Brightmail believes that a combination of strong legal, education and technology measures in conjunction with governmental and industry cooperation on an international scale, will be key to controlling spam as a serious threat to businesses and consumers worldwide.

Filtering over 91 billion emails a month or 25 per cent of all mailboxes globally, Brightmail is currently blocking over two billion spam messages a day on behalf of its enterprise and internet service provider customers. The high accuracy of its anti-spam systems is that such that less than one- in- one million spam is incorrectly identified as spam.

As of February 2004, Brightmail currently classified 62 per cent of Internet email as spam with 25 per cent of Asia Pacific spam categorised as product related, 17 per cent adult or pornographic and 8 per cent are scams. This latter category has grown as spammers have begun to use increasingly more sophisticated forms of email spam to trick consumers to reveal their personal financial details.

About Brightmail Brightmail, the global anti-spam market leader delivers technology that makes messaging environments secure and manageable. PC Magazine’s EDITORS CHOICE for best enterprise anti-spam software, Brightmail Anti-Spam protects the email networks of businesses, government agencies, and service providers, blocking unsolicited bulk email, or “spam”, while assuring that legitimate mail is reliably delivered. Brightmail protects over 1,800 enterprises globally, including Avaya, eBay, Bechtel, Booz Allen Hamilton, Cisco, Cypress Semiconductors, Deutsche Bank, Eastman, Lucent Technologies, Macromedia, Microsoft, Motorola, SAS and Terra Lycos. Brightmail also provides spam protection for the leading Internet service providers, including AT&T WorldNet, Cox Communications, EarthLink, MSN, TelstraClear, Xtra and Verizon Online. Brightmail now protects more than 300 million mailboxes worldwide. For more information, visit

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