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  • Tablets replacing PCs at Australian schools: IDC

    The Australian education sector is increasing its spending on tablets and cloud infrastructure as demand for PCs fall, according to analysts at IDC.

    30 April 13 14:07 Written by Adam Bender
  • Lenovo ThinkCentre M71e tower PC

    The Lenovo ThinkCentre M71e is a mini tower PC with a classy design that's not at all boring for an office. Indeed, it has a little more flair than a typical business-class machine (although some may argue this) and, most importantly, it possesses good speed and adequate connectivity.

    20 Dec. 11 15:29 Written by Elias Plastiras
  • Apple iMac (mid 2011, 27in)

    The Apple iMac has received some power and performance upgrades since its last model in mid-2010. It’s now got a second generation Intel Core i5 quad-core processor, some beefy graphics power and customisable options for plenty of memory and hard drive space. Not much else has changed, however.

    20 May 11 11:40 Written by Campbell Simpson
  • Dell Inspiron 560 desktop PC

    Dell's Inspiron 560 is one of the company's cheapest desktop PCs. The configuration we tested comes with very basic specifications, but includes a 18.5in Dell monitor -- so it's a simple computing package that doesn't require you to buy any extras. We think it's a reasonable system for basic use, but it's made less attractive by the existence of slightly more expensive models that are significantly more powerful.

    09 Dec. 10 14:10 Written by Campbell Simpson
  • Dell Inspiron 580s desktop PC

    The Dell Inspiron 580s is a mid-range multipurpose desktop PC that's in direct competition with Apple's low-end Mac Mini computer. The Inspiron 580s has the same price tag as the Mac Mini and comparable specifications. It's larger than the Mini, but it is bundled with a 20in LCD monitor for no extra cost. It runs Windows 7 Home Premium and is designed to be used for basic home computing tasks like Web browsing, word processing and viewing photos.

    04 Nov. 10 15:40 Written by Campbell Simpson
  • HP Pro 3130 (WL831PA) business PC

    The HP Pro 3130 (WL831PA) is a desktop business PC that's small, quiet and simple, but lacks the grunt to tackle intensive tasks like video editing or graphics work. If all you need is a Web browsing and word processing machine then it will be up to the task.

    01 Oct. 10 16:40 Written by Campbell Simpson
  • Intel to put Westmere desktop chips in servers

    Intel has tweaked its chip road map, with plans to extend its upcoming Westmere mainstream desktop dual-core chips with integrated graphics processors to entry-level servers.

    04 Sept. 09 05:52 Written by Agam Shah

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