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  • Palantir to pay US$1.7 million to settle racial hiring bias claim

    Data analytics company Palantir will pay US$1.7 million in back pay and stock options to settle charges that it routinely discriminated against Asian job applicants. In addition, it must also hire eight people from among those it allegedly discriminated against.

    26 April 17 09:30 Written by Martyn Williams
  • Ford hires 400 mobile connectivity engineers

    Ford is hiring 400 engineers to support its efforts to build connected-vehicle tech and plans to establish a new Research and Engineering Center to focus on connectivity in Ottawa, Ontario.

    31 March 17 06:26 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • IMF moving IT jobs to offshore firm

    The International Monetary Fund's IT work is being taken over by India-based IT managed services provider L&T Infotech; the change was announced to the staff last year.

    10 March 17 07:38 Written by Patrick Thibodeau
  • Three skills developers need in a time of constant change

    The evolution of technologies like JavaScript and Rails 5, and megatrends like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Back-End-as-a-Service, and now Cognitive Applications means developers have a tonne to stay on top of. The only constant is change.

    08 March 17 15:22 Written by Mark Armstrong, Progress
  • 10 happiest cities for CIOs

    Robert Half Technology surveyed 2,500 CIOs in 25 metropolitan areas. Respondents from 10 cities reported above-average happiness, with Miami hosting the most content IT chiefs.

    23 Feb. 17 03:35 Written by Ann Bednarz
  • Amazon commits to hiring 100,000 U.S. workers

    While many of the jobs will be in warehouses, Amazon said the company will be looking for engineers and software developers in such areas as cloud computing and machine learning.

    13 Jan. 17 08:03 Written by Sharon Gaudin
  • DNA testing for jobs may be on its way, warns Gartner

    People seeking leadership roles in business, or even those in search of funding for a start-up, may volunteer their DNA test results to demonstrate that they have the right aptitude, leadership capabilities and intelligence for the job.

    19 Oct. 16 11:37 Written by Patrick Thibodeau
  • Google dealt setback in age bias case by judge interested in 'Googleyness'

    An age discrimination lawsuit against Google was approved as a '"collective action" by a federal court judge, allowing software engineers, age 40 or over, who were rejected for jobs at Google since August 2014, and after an in-person interview, will be able to join the lawsuit.

    07 Oct. 16 01:21 Written by Patrick Thibodeau

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