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  • Crowdsourcing moving beyond the fringe

    Depending up on how you look at it, crowdsourcing is all the rage these days -- think Wikipedia, X Prize and Kickstarter -- or at the other extreme, greatly underused.

    17 June 14 06:31 Written by Bob Brown
  • Thornton May: 'Future' as a verb

    The organizations that will prosper in the future are those led by people who have imagined a future they want to live in.

    16 July 12 14:18 Written by Thornton A. May
  • Who owns your tweets?

    Both corporations and their employees who tweet on the company's behalf must clarify the question.

    12 July 12 19:15 Written by Bart Perkins
  • Google announces social sharing done right

    The upcoming Google+ History will prepare your content for sharing, but holds it in a private space until you choose to share it. It's how social networking should work, writes columnist Mike Elgan.

    30 June 12 11:08 Written by Mike Elgan
  • Why Stuxnet Is a really bad weapon

    Cyberespionage is coming of age but the problem with weapons like Stuxnet is that they will be used against us

    22 June 12 21:25 Written by Mark Gibbs
  • Three diseases of C-level executives

    Beware: Hubris, sycophantism and dformation professionnelle can spread from the corner office to IT.

    20 June 12 19:04 Written by George Tillmann
  • The CIO vs. the sales end run

    In my 15 years as a CIO, I've experienced a gamut of questionable sales techniques. Some favorites, so to speak, include the "end-of-quarter deal never to be repeated," which is then repeated at the end of the next quarter; the promise that "we're your partner and you always get our best price," which you suspect is being made to all of the company's hundreds of other customers; and the selling of products that don't yet exist.

    19 June 12 19:30 Written by John D. Halamka
  • Another Era is Beginning as Start-up Culture Matures

    There was a time when India was known to the outside world for its ability to provide enormous labour at relatively low prices, prompting global companies to outsource their work to India. Indian companies very quickly transformed the value proposition from cost to quality with more IT companies in India having global quality certification than any country in the world. This made India the outsourcing capital of the world.

    18 June 12 13:59 Written by Saurabh Srivastava
  • Joel Capperella: Attract talent by building the IT community at large

    If you invest in the development of IT professionals outside your company, you help improve the level of talent in the entire IT ecosystem -- and, in turn, the quality of candidates who apply for your jobs, says Yoh's Joel Capperella.

    18 June 12 10:06 Written by Joel Capperella
  • John Reed: Invest in your IT talent; it's the key to retention

    Businesses that cut training and development during the recession will be challenged to recruit IT professionals to help them grow as the economy improves. Robert Half Technology's John Reed offers tips for stepping up professional development efforts for IT staffers.

    18 June 12 10:06 Written by John Reed
  • Paul Glen: Truth and project time estimates

    Geeks are devoted to Truth, with a capital T. The question 'When will it be done?' feels like a request to lie. Insider; registration required)

    13 June 12 18:32 Written by Paul Glen

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