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  • Online ad industry tries to stamp out click fraud

    The online advertising industry is marshaling a fresh effort to fight click fraud, which steals money from advertisers and undermines faith in online campaigns.

    22 July 15 14:29 Written by Jeremy Kirk
  • PayPal tweaks terms in wake of 'robocall' controversy

    PayPal is fine-tuning its policies after a recently announced plan to make unsolicited prerecorded calls and texts to users drew questions and concerns from customers, regulators and consumer advocates.

    30 June 15 05:16 Written by Zach Miners
  • Avira wins German case over adware blocking

    A lawsuit alleging that security software from Avira improperly blocked downloads of a software bundle that presented itself primarily as an Angry Birds-style game has been dismissed.

    29 June 15 11:34 Written by Jeremy Kirk
  • Twitter adds autoplaying videos

    Twitter has moved well beyond its foundation of 140-character messages. The site will now host videos that play automatically in users' feeds.

    17 June 15 04:04 Written by Zach Miners
  • Four challenges for Twitter's next CEO

    Dick Costolo has stepped down as CEO of Twitter after five years on the job, relinquishing his post amid longstanding problems including sluggish growth and frequent abusive comments posted to the social network. Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey, who is also CEO of Square, will be interim CEO when Costolo steps down on July 1.

    12 June 15 11:03 Written by Zach Miners
  • Facebook letting more stores ping your phone when you're inside

    You might find yourself browsing more than the shelves at your local store, if Facebook knows you're there. It's expanding a location-aware program that will let businesses pop information into the top of your news feed.

    09 June 15 07:07 Written by Zach Miners
  • SourceForge stops ad bundling without permission

    Code repository SourceForge said Monday it will stop including third-party offers without developers' consent into projects that are no longer maintained, a practice it briefly tried but was widely criticized.

    02 June 15 15:19 Written by Jeremy Kirk
  • Senate delays vote on NSA phone records dragnet

    A controversial program allowing the U.S. National Security Agency to collect millions of domestic telephone records expired Sunday night after the Senate failed to vote on a bill to extend the authority for the surveillance.

    01 June 15 11:48 Written by Grant Gross
  • Coles trials voice-recognition gizmo Hiku

    Coles is conducting an in-home customer trial of Hiku: A device that incorporates voice-recognition capabilities and allows users to add items to an online shopping list.

    05 May 15 12:24 Written by Rohan Pearce
  • Westpac makes $84m from digital sales

    Westpac Banking Group (ASX: WBC) made $84 million from digital sales in the financial first half of 2015 according to earnings results out today.

    04 May 15 11:09 Written by Hamish Barwick
  • Twitter blames weak sales on lackluster ads, drops forecast

    Twitter failed to meet revenue estimates for the first quarter, and is lowering its expectations for the rest of the year, due to weaker than expected performance of some of its ads products, the company said Tuesday.

    29 April 15 06:44 Written by Zach Miners