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  • Google announces social sharing done right

    The upcoming Google+ History will prepare your content for sharing, but holds it in a private space until you choose to share it. It's how social networking should work, writes columnist Mike Elgan.

    30 June 12 11:08 Written by Mike Elgan
  • Three diseases of C-level executives

    Beware: Hubris, sycophantism and dformation professionnelle can spread from the corner office to IT.

    20 June 12 19:04 Written by George Tillmann
  • Ripping DVDs and making websites mobile

    After all these years DVD ripping is, it seems, still a topic of mystery and experimentation. I've tried ripping DVDs many times with varying degrees of success, and today a friend on my favorite email list just raised the topic again: "What do people on this list use to rip a DVD to their hard drive so they can, for example, watch it on a laptop or a tablet? This was something I'd assumed would come up in a Google search, but I had a surprisingly hard time finding a solution."

    14 June 12 13:47 Written by Mark Gibbs
  • Apple: Great new products, but secrecy as a religion

    Apple CEO Tim Cook, along with a few friends, Monday performed the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference keynote. The show must go on, even without Steve Jobs, and it sure did go on -- two well-packed hours of Apple mantra and mania. They did not talk about what I was watching for, but it turned out OK anyway.

    12 June 12 16:37 Written by Scott Bradner
  • Google polishes Chrome OS

    A year ago, I wrote that the first Chromebooks felt more like a science project than a strategic product. They were interesting but of little practical value. A lot has changed since then, and while I wouldn't say that Google has developed a truly compelling device, it has shown that the Chromebook and its underlying Chrome OS are evolving.

    11 June 12 14:19 Written by Michael Gartenberg
  • Opinion: Robots will soon deliver pizza

    Google, as well as car companies and universities are making incredible advances in the technology for self-driving cars, and that technology will enable the robot revolution.

    02 June 12 11:08 Written by Mike Elgan
  • Ubuntu's marketing kick: Is Canonical the next Apple?

    Another six months has passed and another version of Ubuntu Linux has been released, right? Wrong. Ubuntu 11.04 ‘Natty Narwhal’ arrived today and so did a new marketing direction from its parent company and principle sponsor, Canonical. And its flavour has a hint of Apple.

    29 April 11 14:20 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • All brand new: an amaysim experience down under

    A group of European entrepreneurs have banded together to create a new mobile telecommunications company aimed at the high-volume consumer market, and it even has a local call centre.

    23 Nov. 10 10:44 Written by Rodney Gedda
  • Marketing Automation: Unique Kid on the CRM Block

    CRM systems are supposed to comprise everything that touches the customer relationship. Through native functionality or integration across systems, CRM systems are supposed to achieve the holy grail of the 360-degree view. But all the good books on CRM were written before the current wave of internet marketing techniques (Twitter anyone?), and marketing automation apps continue to evolve rapidly.

    29 Sept. 09 11:07 Written by David Taber
  • Ashton Kutcher and Twitter: the new CNN?

    Ashton Kutcher claims his triumph over CNN in the race to have a million followers on Twitter is changing the way we consume media.

    19 April 09 15:54 Written by Davy Adams
  • Changes in sight for digital marketing

    We’ve always considered ourselves a little behind the US in our take up of technology and our approach to digital marketing is no different. While Australian business owners and marketers get their heads around SEO, counterparts in the US and UK have it nailed and are now full steam ahead implementing strategies that take full advantage of the smart, savvy digital marketing technologies available today.

    11 March 09 11:17 Written by Kevin Mackin
  • Microsoft's secret weapon against Google

    With the first public alpha release of Windows 7 due Monday at the Microsoft PDC2008 conference, the outline of the new operating system is taking shape. What you won't see when that alpha comes out is the way that Microsoft will try to use Windows 7 as a Trojan horse in its war against Google.

    28 Oct. 08 08:39 Written by Preston Gralla
  • You’ve just received a Marketing message by SMS. Now what?

    Mobile marketing is certainly a subject of great interest amongst advertisers and mobile network operators: Juniper predicts global spend on mobile advertising to leap from $US1.3 billion to $US7.6 billion by the end of 2008!

    08 Oct. 08 15:06 Written by Mark White
  • Fooling Google News is this easy

    I did it yesterday. Not that I was trying, mind you -- honestly, I wasn't. I did, however, predict it would happen, so I'm going to take this opportunity to gloat about that.

    13 Aug. 08 10:31 Written by Paul McNamara
  • Here comes the mobile phone ad disaster

    I recently visited the Greek island of Santorini. The island is best known as a sunny destination for jet-setting holiday makers who lounge in idyllic hotel rooms perched on the sides of steep and majestic cliffs. But historians, geologists and archaeologists know Santorini as the site of one of the most horrible disasters in human history.

    16 June 08 08:56 Written by Mike Elgan
  • 10 E-Mail Marketing Dos and Don'ts

    Most online e-mail marketing companies offer professionally designed e-mail templates that are easy to customize with your own artwork and colors. E-mail marketing can help your business grow, but a misstep can cause you to lose customers for life. Avoid the pitfalls with these dos and don'ts.

    26 May 08 14:29 Written by Becky Waring

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