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2017 Vulnerability Management Survey Infographic
By Rapid7 | 2/6/2017

Cloud Security and Staff Security Training are the 2 biggest challenges facing Australian organisations in 2017, according to the CSO and Rapid 7 Vulnerability Management Survey.

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It’s Time for a Smarter Approach: Threat-Centric Vulnerability Management
By Skybox Security | 10/7/2017

Your approach to vulnerability management may be putting your organisation at greater risk. Just dealing with vulnerabilities that a vendor said were “critical” isn’t enough and may still leave you susceptible to an attack. Attackers are embracing ransomware and other forms of distributed cybercrime made readily available as packaged exploit kits and services on the dark web. These attacker tools target low–hanging fruit by exploiting a surprisingly small number of vulnerabilities, many of which wouldn’t be tagged as a high priority in a purely vulnerability–centric approach.

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The definitive email security ebook
By Proofpoint Pty Ltd | 27/10/2017

The Problem: Attacks are evolving faster than email defenses. Organizations are spending more on cybersecurity than ever, even as losses from data breaches, business disruption, and fraud continue to mount.

Learn how to prevent the top email fraud tactics including:

Business Email Compromise techniques Advanced Malware including Ransomware Outbound Phishing Get the 5 steps to building your email security strategy across the entire attack chain – from prevention through real-time response.

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Solution brief: Threat Centric Vulnerability Management
By Skybox Security | 10/7/2017

When it comes to vulnerability management, security leaders continue to struggle to identify which of the thousands — even millions — of vulnerabilities in their environment are actu-ally putting the organisation at risk. Traditional approaches don’t take into account all factors that influence vulnerability risk. This leaves security teams wasting resources on issues attackers may never find or want to exploit.

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The CIO's IT Transformation Survival Guide
By Rackspace | 14/11/2017

This ebook is a discussion of the moving pieces of IT Transformation. To create a meaningful discussion about the challenges of IT Transformation, we’ve engaged some of our best technology minds across the business — from seasoned software architects to migration experts on our Professional Services team. With that in mind, we’ve tried to offer a useful framework for understanding what this evolution might look like in your business. and offer a closer look at IT Transformation results in the trenches. We share real-world successes and challenges from within Rackspace and from companies who’ve been on this journey before.

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