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  • 5 tips to choose a serverless vendor

    The global serverless architecture market shows no signs of slowing down with multiple vendors offering their services in a fast-growing arena. AWS, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, Rackspace, IBM, Oracle, and CA Technologies are just a few industry names investing heavily in the serverless space.

    22 July 19 11:26 Written by Lee Atchison, New Relic
  • Aviva launches algorithmic decision agent ADA to hyper-personalise marketing

    Personalisation has become a core component of digital marketing and the guiding principle behind a range of new products. At insurance giant Aviva, it provided the conceptual foundations of ADA, an algorithmic decision agent that powers omni-channel, hyper-personalised marketing by predicting a customer's "next best action" – the most effective way that a company can meet their individual needs in a specific moment.

    09 July 19 02:55 Written by By Tom Macaulay
  • How serverless computing saves time and money

    Developers spend countless hours solving business problems with code. Then it’s the ops team’s turn to spend countless hours, first figuring out how to get the code that developers write up and running on whatever computers are available, and second making sure those computers operate smoothly. The second part truly is a never-ending task. Why not leave that part to someone else?

    04 July 19 09:18 Written by Josh Fruhlinger
  • Network monitoring in the hybrid cloud/multi-cloud era

    Most enterprises now use two or more cloud service providers, and 35% use up to five monitoring tools to keep tabs on hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. What’s the best approach to full network visibility?

    29 May 19 20:00 Written by Stacy Collett
  • 4 factors to ruin your serverless migration

    As more and more companies embark on their digital transformation journey, organisations need to upgrade and evolve their infrastructure technology to maintain a competitive edge.

    23 May 19 12:00 Written by Lee Atchison, New Relic
  • 3 ways serverless is a game changer

    The dream of serverless is to enable companies to focus on making their application work, rather than getting tied up with managing infrastructure.

    16 May 19 13:43 Written by Lee Atchison, New Relic
  • HPE’s CEO lays out his technology vision

    In an exclusive interview, HPE CEO Antonio Neri unpacks his portfolio of tech initiatives, from edge computing to tomorrow’s memory-driven architecture.

    13 May 19 20:00 Written by Eric Knorr
  • Is unified billing the elephant in the room when it comes to SaaS?

    According to its 2019 Business @ Work report, identity management platform Okta found that large enterprises have on average of 163 enterprise applications in their estate. This highlights the prevalence of a culture shift over the past decade away from monolithic license agreements with vendors like Oracle, SAP and Microsoft, towards the adoption of a plethora of best-of-breed software as a service (SaaS) tools.

    08 May 19 06:21 Written by By Scott Carey
  • How does OpenStack fit in to a newly independent SUSE?

    Some of the most prominent messaging that emerged from the recent SUSEcon event, held in Nashville last month, was that it was now the world's largest, independent open source company (particularly in wake of the Red Hat-IBM deal). But what does this spell for its relationship with OpenStack?

    07 May 19 16:00 Written by By Tamlin Magee
  • How to staff the hybrid cloud

    IT leaders share their advice for getting network and infrastructure teams ready for hybrid cloud environments.

    06 May 19 14:00 Written by Sandra Gittlen
  • How the Bank of England is modernising its systems for the future

    The Bank of England is looking to modernise its technology platform to open up its payments infrastructure to smaller fintech players, better manage the proliferation of data, and leverage advanced automation and AI techniques.

    02 May 19 00:08 Written by By Scott Carey