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  • 5 Wi-Fi analyzer and survey apps for Android

    A review of five mobile survey apps - iBwave Wi-Fi Mobile, iMapper WiFi Pro, WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor from ManageEngine, Wi-Fi Visualizer from ITO Akihiro, and WiTuners Mobile - for enterprises to small offices.

    27 July 17 05:22 Written by Eric Geier
  • Your next company computer may be a 2-in-1 laptop

    While consumers and businesses are walking away from tablets, 2-in-1 laptops are finding their way into corporations in a big way; sales are expected to grow by more than 21% a year over the next four years.

    26 July 17 05:58 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • What is app wrapping? One way to more secure mobile apps

    As part of a mobile application management strategy, app wrapping allows developers and administrators to apply security enforcement policies to a mobile app without changing its look or functionality.

    21 July 17 20:12 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • Qualcomm opens European front in patent war with Apple

    Qualcomm has asked two German courts to suspend sales of iPhones, alleging they infringe on its patents, while four Apple contractors from which Qualcomm had sought patent license fees have filed antitrust complaints against the chip vendor.

    20 July 17 01:27 Written by Peter Sayer
  • 6 efficiency-enhancing Android apps

    Don't waste time getting around in Android. These free tools save you time so you can get straight to work.

    18 July 17 20:00 Written by JR Raphael
  • 50+ essential iOS 10 tips you’ll use every day

    This collection of helpful tips explains how to get much more from Apple's iOS 10, whether you're using an iPhone or an iPad. (Updated through iOS 10.3.2.)

    11 July 17 20:18 Written by Jonny Evans
  • What's the difference between MDM, MAM, EMM and UEM?

    While BYOD made it easier for employees to get their jobs done anywhere, anytime, keeping company data safe requires serious management. Here's how to pick between Mobile Application Management and Mobile Device Management.

    10 July 17 20:02 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • High-def camera maker Red announces 3D smartphone

    Red, a maker of high-def cameras used for filming blockbuster films, has created a smartphone with a 3D display and the ability to take holographic images.

    08 July 17 04:56 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • Google wants to kill your phone

    Google is laying out a path to make phones obsolete and replace them with something much better.

    01 July 17 20:52 Written by Mike Elgan
  • How the iPhone begat shadow IT and enterprise mobility

    Not long after its arrival 10 years ago, the iPhone began to dominate the workplace -- first as a shadow IT device smuggled in by employees for daily chores, later as the preferred smartphone for execs. But Apple's enterprise success may not hold.

    29 June 17 20:22 Written by Lucas Mearian
  • Beyond MDM: Today's EMM suites add sophisticated capabilities

    Enterprise mobility management tools are evolving far past their mobile device management roots. New features include better analytics, integration with Office 365, mobile identity management -- and preparing for the internet of things.

    22 June 17 20:00 Written by Bob Violino
  • Rogue cell phone surveillance gives rise to mobile threat defense

    University of Washington researchers developed a system to detect cellular anomalies and pinpoint cell phone surveillance devices. The technology could be used to better protect enterprise users, especially when they're traveling.

    15 June 17 20:01 Written by Lucas Mearian