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  • Rural Lands Board splurges $300k on network, server upgrades

    The NSW Rural Lands Protection Board (RLPB) has splurged $300,000 on sweeping communication and datacentre upgrades, including a state-wide IP network and a fleet of servers with virtualisation software.

    02 April 09 12:26 Written by Darren Pauli
  • Furniture maker uses NAC gear for more than NAC

    When Chad Clement joined worldwide office furniture maker Haworth 18 months ago, he discovered the company needed to get a handle on network security.

    03 Oct. 08 10:38 Written by Tim Greene
  • The smell of WAN acceleration

    Glen Dalgleish, vice president of infrastructure services at global perfumer Coty, well remembers why he and his staff had implemented WAN acceleration technology last January: to improve download speeds for some 6,000 users world-wide.

    12 Sept. 08 11:03 Written by Matt Hamblen

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