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  • Sprint launches 4G LTE in 15 cities

    Sprint launched its 4G LTE network in 15 cities, mainly in areas surrounding the major markets of Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and San Antonio.

    16 July 12 17:28 Written by Matt Hamblen
  • Polycom adds remote camera control to Real Presence Mobile

    A new version of Polycom's Real Presence Mobile software allows users to control a video conferencing camera remotely, the company said Monday. Version 1.3 software will be available this month and adds support for two HTC handsets and Apple's new iPad.

    16 July 12 12:36 Written by Martyn Williams
  • Nielsen: Android nears 52% market share for US smartphones

    New research from Nielsen indicates that Android products now account for more than half of the smartphones in use in the U.S. market, and that 54% of those who purchased smartphones in June 2012 opted for an Android device.

    13 July 12 17:45 Written by Jon Gold
  • Wikileaks donations via Visa and MasterCard may resume, Icelandic court rules

    Icelandic payments processor Valitor must reopen a gateway handling Visa and MasterCard donations to Wikileaks, a judge ruled Thursday. However, the gateway will probably remain closed while Valitor appeals the case, an attorney for DataCell, the Icelandic company hosting WikiLeaks' donations website, said on Friday.

    13 July 12 13:01 Written by Loek Essers
  • The IPv6 bandwagon has left the station, but who is onboard?

    The IPv6 movement has been years in the making. So many years, in fact, that it has hardly been a movement at all. While a handful of regions, primarily in Asia and pockets of Europe, have embraced IPv6, it has been otherwise largely ignored, something to be considered later while we exhaust IPv4 assets. This thinking has clearly stunted the growth of IPv6, presenting opportunities to early adopters and IPv6 facilitators and indigestion for the procrastinators.

    11 July 12 19:43 Written by Dean Perrine
  • Report: Kindle Fire 2 set for launch by August 7

    Amazon's response to the release of the Google Nexus 7 tablet could come within a month, as a report from the China Times says the manufacturer Quanta is already working on a first batch of Kindle Fire 2 devices.

    06 July 12 19:36 Written by Jon Gold
  • Amazon smartphone may be on the way

    Amazon may be planning to broaden its Android-based device lineup with a new smartphone, according to a report from Bloomberg.

    06 July 12 16:36 Written by Jon Gold
  • HTC Q2 profit down by 58 percent

    HTC's second-quarter net profit dropped 58 percent year on year, the company reported Friday, a sign that its newest smartphones are not doing as well as it hoped.

    06 July 12 10:22 Written by Michael Kan
  • Patent war unlikely to bring Androidocalypse

    On the surface, Apple's recent courtroom victories are a threat to the future of the Android platform. A pair of injunctions blocking Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Nexus from sale in the U.S. could lay the groundwork for a similar action against the Galaxy S III, as well as a huge range of other Android devices.

    03 July 12 21:33 Written by Jon Gold
  • Google's Nexus 7 douses Kindle Fire

    Google's $199 media and entertainment tablet slays the Amazon rival with pure Android and a Chrome browser

    03 July 12 10:09 Written by Neil McAllister
  • Researchers find new malware in Android Ice Cream Sandwich

    A research team at North Carolina State University led by Professor Xuxian Jiang recently announced that a security flaw in Android Version 4.0.4 and below could exploited by a rootkit with relative ease, according to an official university research blog post.

    02 July 12 21:30 Written by Jon Gold

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