Virtualization tool box

With VMworld on the horizon, a slew of vendors update their tools and technologies to take on virtual environments.

  • Fortisphere Virtual Essentials 2.0 Agentless inspection of virtual machines online and offline; automated configuration analysis that identifies configuration drift and triggers the remediation process; and more than 40 new policy rules and reports for offline VMs, change management, configuration management, sprawl management and infrastructure activity. More info here.
  • Surgient Virtual Automation Platform 6.0 Enables self-service capabilities that lets end users reserve, provision and access computing environments based on their needs and schedules. More info here.
  • Embotics V-Scout Connects to VMware VirtualCenter to track virtual machines across VMware environments; automatically populates itself with custom data in VirtualCenter; and generates reports on numerous metrics such as disk space used, CPU count and connection state. More info here.
  • Apani EpiForce VM Provides the ability to manage and deploy policy to virtual or physical servers and endpoints; includes a centralized management console which offers a view of all Apani-managed machines; and lets administrators migrate EpiForce VM-protected virtual machines across physical hosts with no disruption of security policy. More info.
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  • HP SiteScope Provides insight into the performance and availability of physical and individual virtual servers via agent-less monitoring capabilities; collects management data to automate event monitoring; and connects to VMware ESX Server to configure monitoring of virtual machines. More info here.
  • Microsoft App-V 4.5 Integration with Microsoft's System Center deployment and operations management tools, addition of Dynamic Suite Composition (DSC) that allows virtualized applications to share middleware resources such as a database, and new versions in 11 languages. App-V servers up applications via a server that provides containers that run in their own "sandbox" on the desktop. Among other benefits, App-V lets different versions of the same application run at the same time, such as the desktop that shows incompatible versions of Microsoft Excel (97 and 2007) running side-by-side.
  • Vendors tout tools to take on virtual environments Optimizing performance and availability across virtual servers is bound to challenge enterprise IT managers broadening their deployments from staging to production environments. Vendors are looking to tap into IT executives' need to put in place tight controls and augment manual efforts with search, security, management and automation capabilities that can handle numerous virtual machines while also ensuring the health of their physical hosts. Read on for details about the latest virtualization tools, and check back often. We'll be adding to the slide show as more vendors unveil virtualization wares.
  • BMC Run Book Automation VMware Adapter Enables IT staff to automate common tasks across VMware virtual environments. More info here.
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