Highly anticipated open-source releases coming in '09

These open-source browsers, dev tools, mobile apps and more promise that 'Oooh, cool!' sense of discovery.

  • The inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama was broadcast via Silverlight, yet more than 50,000 viewers watched it using Moonlight on Linux.

  • You can use Dimdim's whiteboard features as you give a presentation, browse the Web or chat.

  • Puppet tries to define all network resources in human terms so that mere mortals can figure out what's going on.

  • Ubuntu 9.04, the "Jaunty Jackalope," is planned for an April release; Version 9.10, the "Karmic Koala," should be along in October.

  • Most of the work in the next version of Zenoss Core is under the covers; primarily the changes will be in underlying Python code and some yet-to-be designed GUI wizards.

  • Kaltura's Drupal plug-in lets you add video to a site by simply filling in a few fields.

  • The T-Mobile G1 was the first Android-powered phone. Current Android development is focusing on support for input methods, such as devices other than physical keyboards; support for displays beyond HVGA is expected later this year.

  • The upcoming Deki Lyons release from MindTouch couples Deki's traditional mashup strengths with new tools for developers to build more adaptive applications.

  • 3.1 adds a bunch of new features that make it ever-more-similar to (maybe even better than) You-Know-Who's office suite, from notes in the margin (that you can comment on) to better drag-and-drop for graphics objects. You can download the developer build and decide for yourself.

  • Students in Ghana put open-source digital audio players/recorders called Talking Book Devices to the test.

  • Wikipedia Mobile is vastly improving the user interface and adding support for modern 3G mobile devices, such as the iPhone and Android phones.

  • The Dojo Toolkit is a godsend for developers creating dynamic Web applications.

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