Star Trek gear fit for a Trekkie lifestyle

When a Spock action figure just won't do, some Trekkies go hardcore and buy the real stuff. Here is a look at Star Trek gear for an out-of-this-world lifestyle.

Star Trek gear fit for a Trekkie lifestyle next


iPhone Case Fit for Kirk

We admire the devoted fan that created this [[xref:|neat-looking iPhone case|Project 365/89 - Geek]] to show his allegiance to the Star Trek series. Though there are no details on how it was made, from the looks of it, it's pretty simple to make. If you don't have an old Star Trek pin, as this fan did, just get a Star Trek decal and glue it to your phone. I wonder if that voids the warranty…

Photo and mod credit go to [[xref:|Andy C|Andy C]].

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