New BlackBerry apps to increase business productivity

As corporate executives get busier and busier, BlackBerry apps can help to increase productivity, enable quick and easy access to information, and collate data quickly.

  • [[xref:|BackUp|App World :: BackUp]] and restore your company’s BlackBerry fleet no matter where your staff members are. Automatically and remotely back up all device data including the address book, task lists, calendar notes and memos to an email address or external storage card for export to other systems, and then restore to devices without staff having to set foot in the office. Available at BlackBerry App World for $AU11.09.
  • Let [[xref:|eSurvey Enterprise|App World :: eSurvey Enterprise]] instantly synchronise data to any email address, in-house office system, Twitter, Excel, Zoho Reports or Turn your BlackBerry into a mobile forms manager as you gather information from face-to-face surveys to real time incident reports and eliminate that pile of paperwork sitting on your desk. Available at BlackBerry App World for $AU33.29.

  • [[xref:|MyFormsGenie|App World :: My Forms Genie]] enables you to create, design and customise forms to suit your organisation’s needs and then automatically import or export data via the forms. Change paper forms, surveys or templates into electronic XML, Excel, CSV or PDF formats and incorporate photos and GPS so your staff have all the necessary information at their fingertips. Available at BlackBerry App World for $AU33.29.
  • Access databases saved on your desktop via your BlackBerry with [[xref:|Wireless Database Viewer Plus|App World :: Wireless Database Viewer Plus]] and synchronise edits with Microsoft Access, Excel Foxpro, CSV, Oracle and a number of other database programs in real time. Features such as easy navigation, the ability to call from phone number content and support for multiple languages mean your colleagues have instant access to the most current information wherever they are. Available at BlackBerry App World for free.

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