In pictures: Technology at Arndell Anglican College

How the NSW school uses technology to drive student learning

  • Arndell Anglican College, a co-ed school about 50kms from Sydney, boasts a large range of IT facilities in its campus which educates students from years preschool to Year 12.

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  • Arndell College IT manager, Rohan Smith.

    “Quite often it means we have to put in a heap of extra hours that we are not paid for," he said. "It’s more about passion and putting in the technology because you want to help the kids.”

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  • The school has several general purpose computing labs available to students.

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  • Arndell primary school library has the ability to turn its walls into a drop-down widescreen and video pit for watching audio-visual footage.

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  • Workstations in an Arndell classroom. The classroom has access to an online learning portal for students, which was developed internally by the IT team. Two to three IT staff manage about 500 seats overall at the school.

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  • Students in the senior school library are able to engage in active learning and review lesson content through the learning portal.

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  • Students are able to easily change their access password in the senior library. IT manager, Rohan Smith, said it saves the IT team valuable time.

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  • Arndell has more than 40 interactive whiteboards throughout the school, which have the ability to connect to and display content from a laptop computer.

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  • Interactive whiteboards engage the students and support a variety of learning styles.

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  • The school is home to three specialist computer labs. The lab pictured has been designed specifically for music students.

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  • The school's server room houses a new NetApp SAN. IT manager, Rohan Smith, said the school is one of the few institutions to have such a network.

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