Top five social media apps for tablets

The best apps for your iPad or Android device

  • Dubbed the “social news reader”, Pulse is an app designed for users wanting to synchronise their chosen news stories to read later via their tablet or mobile device. It is currently available on the iPad as well as Android devices.

  • If you’ve ever wanted to view your social media content in a traditional way, then [[artnid:371659|Flipboard]] is the app for you. Available on the iPad for free, Flipboard aggregates your social media content into the one app and allows you to flip through it as if you were reading a magazine.

  • Recently [[arntid:387909|being bought by Twitter]] for an estimated $40 million, TweetDeck is one of the most popular (and this journalist’s favourite) tool for using Twitter. It allows you to update multiple sites from the one interface, and is available for Android, iPad and can also be used in the browser if you’re using Chrome.

  • This one is for all those TV lovers who prefer to be social about their favourite shows. The app allows users to check into shows, tell others what they are watching, and all within an interface that’s described as being similar to Twitter in appearance. It is currently available on the iPad.

  • Providing an all in one social media dashboard for iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices, HootSuite allows you to connect your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and provides users with custom analytics and team collaboration tools.

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