In pictures: 7 ways to use HP TouchPads after they stop working

The tablet can still be useful even after it is useless as a tech device

  • As a Frisbee Grab the dog and some friends and bring your new TouchPad Frisbee to the beach!
  • As a Champagne and Hors D'oeuvres Serving Tray It may not be able to serve up cool applications anymore, but there's no reason it can't serve up cool appetizers and sparkling bubbly.
  • As a Skipping Stone Take it to the lake and try to break your personal record. 20 skips!
  • As a Ping-Pong Paddle Work up some killer topspin using your TouchPad ping-pong paddle.
  • As a Cutting Board Slice up some chicken skewers or tuna tartare on the new HP CutPad.
  • As a Giant Coaster A nice resting place for your pint glass as you cry in your beer over the death of webOS.
  • As a Fake iPad If you can't afford a real iPad, you can still impress the cool kids at Starbucks with your "iPad".
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