In pictures: BMC's mainframe survey results

ANZ findings show mobility and social media are impacting the sector

  • Australian and New Zealand mainframe users who participated in BMC's sixth annual worldwide mainframe survey believe that the platform will grow and attract new workloads.

  • Mainframe users say that they are interested in consolidated tools including change management and monitoring automation.

  • Compared to last year 15 per cent more respondents in the Asia Pacific region believe that the mainframe will grow and attract new workloads.

  • Seventy per cent of Australian and New Zealand businesses surveyed said they are in the production or planning stages of implementing the z/Enterprise Mainframe.

  • Plans for the production or planning of z/Enterprise implementations was slightly higher in the Asia Pacific region, with some 82 per cent indicating their enterprise was going down this path.

  • Director of software consulting for the Asia Pacific region at BMC, James Russell, said the results were based on responses of 42 mainframe customers in Australia, with 61 per cent saying that reducing the cost of running IT was their top priority.

  • Fifty one per cent of Asia Pacific respondents said they are open to managing their mainframe environment from their mobile.

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