Geekiest cupcake designs

Cupcakes (and a few cakes) decorated for the techie crowd

  • Stephanie Steiner decorated these cupcakes with gumpaste and set them up like an iPhone for "a Mac geek," she wrote on Flickr. Creator: [[xref:|Stephanie Steiner]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]]

  • Star Wars Lego cupcakes are made with chocolate fudge cake with chocolate chips and marshmallow icing. They're finished with edible Star Wars Lego toppers that were hand-cut and hand-painted by Jennifer McFadden of Death by Cupcake. Creator: Jennifer McFadden Source: Flickr Web site: Death by Cupcake

  • The creative force behind Clever Cupcakes of Montreal is Michelle Wall, who's a "cupcake-baking neuroscientist for hire," she says on Twitter. Michelle made these retro Frogger cupcakes (lemon cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and handmade fondant decorations) as part of an order for a 39th birthday party. Creator: [[xref:|Clever Cupcakes]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]] Twitter: [[xref:!/clever_cupcakes|@clever_cupcakes]]

  • Alicia rae is also a big fan of Doctor Who. She made these Exterminate! cupcakes for a finale party, inspired by the British TV series' mutant Dalek creatures. She called them "the nerdiest cupcakes in the world." Creator: [[xref:|alicia rae]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]]

  • Mixy Lorenzo of Sydney, Australia, photographed this Firefox cupcake, which she says was decorated by a friend-of-a-friend, Carol. Photographer: [[xref:|Mixy Lorenzo]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]]

  • This Xbox 360-inspired cupcake is frosted with vanilla buttercream and topped with a miniature Xbox 360 controller, handcrafted from fondant. Creator: [[xref:|Clever Cupcakes]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]] Twitter: [[xref:!/clever_cupcakes|@clever_cupcakes]]

  • Clever Cupcakes got a special request to reproduce its QR Code Cupcakes as part of a media campaign to promote the Technofollies exhibit at the Montreal Science Centre. Creator: [[xref:|Clever Cupcakes]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]] Twitter: [[xref:!/clever_cupcakes|@clever_cupcakes]]

  • My MacBook was created by Ween Nee, who described her laptop as her "loyal companion." Ween (who used to work at Agilent Technologies) opened a retail cake shop called Sugar in Penang, Malaysia, last November. Creator: [[xref:|Ween Nee]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]] Web site: [[xref:|cakes by ween]]

  • Cupcake Treats created this desktop-inspired cake with a birthday mail message on the monitor. Creator: [[xref:|Cupcake Treats]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]]

  • Bakerella is royalty in the world of baking and decorating. Her Web posts include detailed instructions on how to make her inspired creations, such as these impeccable "Instagrahams" -- homemade graham crackers decorated to look like the Instagram photo sharing app. Genius. Creator: [[xref:|Bakerella]] Source: [[xref:|Bakerella blog]]

  • Cupcakes are everywhere, in urban bakeries dedicated to the sweet confections, headlining dozens of how-to blogs, and providing a quirky profession (cupcake entrepreneur!) for a new crop of TV and movie heroines. Tech, too, has not escaped the cupcake craze. From mainstream iPhone and Google icons to geeky Ubuntu and Big Blue logos, cupcake bakers have taken inspiration from technology for their complex fondant-and-frosting structures. Here are some of our photogenic favorites. Sadly, we can't vouch for how they taste.

  • Angel Hernandez at Cake Freak made this Xbox 360 cake for an 11-year-old's birthday. Creator: [[xref:|Angel Hernandez]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]] Web site: [[xref:|Cake Freak]]

  • Oh Crumbs! Cupcakes of Manchester, U.K., made these themed cupcakes for a Google business meeting. Along with buttercream frosting, each cupcake is topped with an icing decoration to represent the company's products and services, the bakery says. Creator: [[xref:|Oh Crumbs! Cupcakes]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]] Web site: [[xref:|Oh Crumbs! Cupcakes]]

  • Mixy Lorenzo also photographed the same decorator's Twitter cupcake. Photographer: [[xref:|Mixy Lorenzo]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]]

  • Nathalina Backman (aka nathromeu) made this Ubuntu cupcake for a friend who kept talking about Ubuntu on Twitter. It's caramel flavored to give it the distinctive Ubuntu brown feel, she says. Creator: [[xref:|nathromeu]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]] Twitter: [[xref:!/nathromeu|@nathromeu]]

  • Gill Smith is the designer and creator of these Apple Mac-themed cupcakes, which she made for her brother Jez's 27th birthday. (She's also a jewelry maker.) Creator: Gill Smith Source: [[xref:|Flickr]] Web site: [[xref:|Gillyflower Jewellery]]

  • Bakerella conjured up these Mii cupcakes for a contest she ran in 2009. The prize was a Wii package, and contenders had to correctly identify which Mii was the one Bakerella played with (the green-eyed blond in the front). Creator: [[xref:|Bakerella]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]] Web site: [[xref:|Bakerella blog]]

  • This chocolate is mouthwatering, even viewed through a computer monitor. Flickr user alicia rae wrote of her Apple cupcakes: "i love everything apple, and i'm not embarrassed to say it. maybe i'm just trendy and brainwashed that way." Creator: [[xref:|alicia rae]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]]

  • Kamille Garcia's (aka Mykky) first attempt at making Android cupcakes uses traditional frosting. Creator: [[xref:|Mykky]] Source: [[xref:|Flickr]] Web site: [[xref:|Mykky’s Etsy shop]]

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