GNOME 3.2: In pictures

The upgrade includes refined visuals, integrated messaging and a new onscreen keyboard

  • Online sources: Enables users to manage online sources in one place, with the integration of calendars, contacts and documents.
  • Onscreen keyboard: In addition to being fully keyboard navigable, users of the screen reader Orca will experience more reliable and accurate presentation while navigating.
  • Gedit: The text editor offers new snippets for Mallard and Markdown files, and refreshed Quickopen and Search dialogs.
  • Contacts: The integration of contacts stored online, within Evolution or chat app, Empathy.
  • File saving dialog: When opening a file in an application, GNOME will show a list of recent files. A list of recent directories will also be shown when a file is saved.
  • Documents: Provides a simple way to find, organise and view docs.
  • Empathy log viewer: The "cleaner" design supports sending SMS messages and SIP accounts can be marked as being able to make PSTN calls. Such accounts can be used to call landline and mobile phones.
  • Documents: Provides a simple way to find, organise and view docs.
  • Web applications: Users can use websites as applications by pressing Ctrl-Shift-A or select 'Save as Web Application' from the File menu.
  • File manager: Quick previews of movies, music, pictures and other files. The preview can be shown and hidden again by pressing space.
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