7 free Siri alternatives for Android

Here are seven Android personal assistants that you can chat up to do your bidding

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Cluzee features standard voice command functions you can say to operate common functions of your phone -- telling it to call, email or text a friend, or perform a Web search, for example. Its developer also thought to throw in other nifty personal services, like a personal health planner to keep track of your calorie intake and exercise routine, and you can tell Cluzee to summon you a cab or send flowers to someone.

When I asked Cluzee to tell me my local area’s outside temperature, it spoke in extreme detail about the weather (rambling on about the projected highs and lows for the day, wind speed, cloudiness, chance of rain). It cited a long entry from an online encyclopedia when asked about the nature of life. But it had no clue when I asked “What’s your name?”

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7 free Siri alternatives for Android

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