In Pictures: Apps come to the router

Mobile apps that integrate with Cisco’s Smart Wi-Fi routers

  • Cisco has announced mobile apps that integrate with its new Smart Wi-Fi Routers, letting users control portions of their home network through their mobile device. Here are six new apps that take advantage of this functionality.

  • Block the Bad Stuff: Made by Fresh Consulting, this app helps protect users and devices from accessing content from security-vulnerable sites, adult content and other non-family friendly sites. Users can turn a dial to set the appropriate level of security protection.

  • HipPlay: Made by Axentra, this app lets users play, beam, share photos, music and videos on a smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac or TV whenever and wherever they want. Also works via DropBox or Facebook.

  • Gemini IP Camera: Made by Gemini Solutions, this app for the iPhone lets users more easily connect any type of IP-based video camera for viewing on smartphones and Tablets via Wi-Fir or cellular networks.

  • Twonky Video: Made by Packet Video, this mobile browser for smartphones and tablets lets you browse online video services and beam the content to a Smart TV or AirPlay device.

  • Device Monitoring: Made by Xoriant, this app “watches” connected devices and provides real-time status updates about them, with the ability to receive notifications when children go online with their gaming consoles, or see how long a specific device has been online.

  • Netproofer: Made by Stratedge/Adroitent, this app helps parents restrict access to specific websites for all users or per individual devices. Works on iOS devices and Android devices.

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